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SolutionCoal Power Plant”

Indonesia has renewable energy resources like solar, wind and geothermal are abundant. If the Indonesian government to leave his dirty energy plan, then more than 40 percent of primary energy needs will be met through renewable sources

“We are today calling on the Indonesian government to stop its dependence on dirty coal energy in a way to thwart his plans to build more (power plant) and began to build a future of clean energy powered by renewable energy sources,”.

As is known, Indonesia is planning to increase electricity generation from coal consumption amounted to 34.4 percent in 2025. This plan is part of an effort to reduce petroleum use and shift to coal and gas, with a target of 10,000 MW from coal. But through a program that should be achieved early in the year 2009 with the completion of the 35 coal-powered power plant, 10 of them in Java, and the rest on other islands less than 60 percent of this target has been reached.

Environmental damage that occurred today in Indonesia by coal mining activities that damage the environment, it signifies government’s commitment weak enforcement of environmental laws
“Coal causes more adverse effects on the environment, human health and the social life of communities living near the mine, power plant projects and waste disposal sites,”

In addition to its CO2 emissions are very large when fuel is burned, coal is also a negative impact on ecosystems, and contaminating water supplies. Coal emits other greenhouse gases such as methane, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxidants and other toxic chemicals such as arsenic and mercury. “Chemicals that can damage resulting human mental health and physical development,”

Currently, not too late for the Indonesian government to conduct an energy revolution, ie by combining renewables with energy efficiency. It Dapa cut CO2 emissions and also in line with government commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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solution generating electricity from coal

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